Monday, March 19, 2012


We're almost there. I've read and corrected the second proofs of 'The Adventures of Tilly Twinkle', my young friend, Vicky Somers, has produced some stunning designs for the front cover. The next stage will be a Proof Bound Copy. Wow!

I have just days to make any final corrections. So I still agonise - or should that be agonize - over the spelling of the word 'crystallized' as used to describe 'rose petals' in my first chapter.

Everywhere I look I see it spelt as 'crystallised' but still it rankles. It just looks wrong. My treasured, stuck together with masking tape, much-used copy of the Concise OED, awarded to my dear Dad as a prize circa 1930, defines the word as 'crystallize(d)', no alternatives. So when did the 's' supersede the 'z' ? And should I be worried?

I have decided to follow my heart, not my head. I'm an old-fashioned girl, and if the 'z' was good enough for my Dad's generation, it's good enough for me. As somebody once said - 'publish and be damned' !

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