Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's an old cliché, I know, but sometimes clichés are the only comfortable, tried and tested, way of describing your feelings. Thus it was, at 10.30 a.m French time today, I felt a surge of excitement as my shaking fingers opened the package from England, just delivered by our friendly facteur. It's postmarked 3 May so has taken nearly a week to get here, but that's France for you: a country where 'snail mail' takes on a whole new dimension. Not only has there been a presidential election in the last week, yesterday was yet another Bank Holiday (1945 Armistice Day) and La Poste, along with the rest of the country, needs little excuse for a day off. We've had two Bank Holidays since the start of the month, both falling on a Tuesday. When that happens, large numbers of French people indulge in a practice known as 'faire le pont' - taking the intervening day off (in this case Monday) thus making a bridge between the weekend and the holiday. There'll be another one next week on 17 May (Ascension Day) and you can bet your life Friday will bridge again.

And the package that was so exciting? At last, my first sight of The Adventures of Tilly Twinkle as a Proper Printed Book. Back to clichés, but it has been a long journey, over 12 years, since Tilly was conceived to this moment. We've no way of telling if her story will catch the imagination of the reading public but I would like to think her adventures are only just beginning.

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