The Adventures of Tilly Twinkle

"Flying with the TFS is one of the best careers in Fairyland. Tilly, do you really want to settle for second best? Being a flower fairy, endlessly repainting the colours? Or a nursemaid in the tadpole hatchery?"

Tilly Twinkle desperately wants to train to be a Tooth Fairy, but faces opposition from her mother and fairy godmother. Then, after a fateful meeting with the Chief Tooth Fairy, she acts on impulse and is launched into a series of adventures which test her at every turn.

Who are the friends who help her on her way? How does she defeat the Dark Elves and their evil-smelling king? And what is the secret of the enchanted rowan tree?

Aimed at 8 to 13 year olds, this is an old-fashioned adventure story, told in a traditional and magical way. Our heroine has many obstacles to overcome and evils to fight, but she survives them all to bring about the perfect happy ending.

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